DAPAD Corporation Limited


       Dapad was established in Taipei City, Taiwan in 1998. The main business of the company is the production and distribution of various types of mobile phone accessories such as


       Tempered glass screen protectors, mobile phone cases, headphones, Chargers, batteries, and many more products.


       Under the Dapad brand, the strength of the company is that we pay attention to satisfaction.


       Our customers are important to all of us here at Dapad. We combine the development and production of quality products to meet the needs of our customers.


       Our company is successful and can grow due to that we have a team of professional product designers. These individuals can meet the needs of our customers as well the industry standard by controlling production so that quality products are first delivered to customers.


        The concept of the company is "Product quality is the goal. Confidence is the foundation.  Never stop improving."  Therefore, gain trust from customers and provide support to the company as well. Through continuous efforts the opportunity to expand branches in Guangzhou, China and branches in Thailand and lay the foundation for many Asian countries. To distribute products throughout all regions of Asia and will expand the business around the world.


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